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New at Lawrence Magazine: Returning to Etzanoa

One tiny iron ball. Sometimes that’s all it takes to rewrite history. My newest Lawrence Magazine piece takes a look at the cool story of  how a local high school student’s turn with a metal detector led to the first physical

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26 things

My newest piece for Lawrence Magazine: 26 Reasons We Love Lawrence, beautifully illustrated by the talented Lana Grove. The hardest part about this story was narrowing down the things I love to one for each letter of the alphabet. For

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They’re here! … but their days are numbered

If you live in my part of the country, you’ve probably noticed by now that Brood IV of the periodical cicadas are out in force. These dudes show up every 17 years, giving them celebrity status when they emerge and

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Recent Posts at Writers Who Kill

The beauty of small-town life
5 February 2017
The ups and downs of living in a place where everyone knows your name.

A writing metaphor in 750 pieces
22 January 2017
How a jigsaw puzzle taught me something new about my husband of 25 years...and how it relates to writing.


Flash and Bang anthology cover

Flash and Bang, the first Short Mystery Fiction Society anthology.

Available from your independent bookstore (ISBN: 9781611878295 -- ask for it!) and Untreed Reads | Barnes and Noble | iBook | Amazon: Paperback | Amazon: eBook |

Publication date: October 2015 Publisher: Untreed Reads

Appearances Cover

Appearances, a short story available from Amazon.

This short story originally appeared in Fish Nets: The Second Guppy Anthology (Wildside Press, 2013)